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Reservations: A reservation is made once the full fee for the event has been recieved by us and the booking confirmed by us in writing (either by post or by e-mail).

What the price includes: Services of the leader.

What the price does not include: Transportation, parking charges, entrance fees, meals, snacks, drinks, and anything else of a purely personal nature.

Cancellations: Any cancellation by you of a reservation must be notified to us in writing (email is acceptable) or by telephone and will take effect on the day that this is received by us. If a cancellation is received by us 24 hours or more prior to the start of a Wildlife Walk or Wild Orchid Walk, or 3 days or more prior to the start of a Wildlife Workshop, we will refund 100 per cent of the fees paid to us. If a cancellation is received by us less that 24 hours before the start of a Wildlife Walk or Wild Orchid Walk, or less than 3 days before to the start of a Wildlife Workshop, we will retain 100 per cent of the fees paid to us.
We may have to cancel your Walk or Workshop in the event of unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside our control. If we are forced to cancel a Walk or Workshop for any reason, we will refund the full amount you have paid to us.

Cancellations due to weather: Wildlife Walk or Wild Orchid Walk From time to time we may have to cancel a Walk due to bad weather. We retain the right to make the judgement as to whether the weather is sufficiently bad, and to make this judgement at any time. If a Walk is cancelled due to bad weather we will refund the full amount you have paid to us. Wildlife Workshops From time to time a Wildlife Workshop may be affected by bad weather. If, in our judgement, more than 33 per cent of the planned activities are curtailed due to the weather, we will make a pro-rata refund up to, and including, 100 per cent of the amount you have paid to us.

Transfers and Substitution: You are free to find a substitute, or transfer to another Wildlife Walk, Wild Orchid Walk or Wildlife Workshop provided we receive notification 24 hours or more prior to the start of a Wildlife Walk or Wild Orchid Walk, or 3 days or more prior to the start of a Wildlife Workshop. Any additional costs incurred as a result of a substitution are your responsibility. We reserve the right to reject any substitute should we have reasonable grounds for doing so.

Alterations to itinerary: We do our utmost to make sure the Walks and Workshops go ahead as outlined on our website and in our leaflets. However, we reserve the right to modify the itinerary or to substitute leaders if necessary. We shall try to ensure, however, that any changes do not materially affect the standard of the event.

Group Size Limits: The group size limit for each Wildlife Walk and Wild Orchid Walk is up to eight participants plus leader (plus accompanied children, aged five to eleven). The group size limit for a Workshop is six participants plus the leader (s).

Children: Children aged five and over are welcome on Wildlife Walks and Wild Orchid Walks if accompanied by an adult. There is no charge for children aged five to eleven, but you must inform us of the number of children that may accompany you and their ages). Children aged twelve and above are welcome on Wildlife Workshops, if accompanied by an adult. The full fee is payable for children on Wildlife Workshops.

Transport: We use cars, people carriers or minibuses during our tours.

Wildlife: The species mentioned in our itineraries are meant as a guide to what you might see. You should not expect to see everything mentioned, although you should see a good proportion if you participate fully in the Walk or Workshop.

Computerized Mailing List: All names and addresses on the Norfolk Nature mailing list are stored on computer files. These files will not be passed to any other party, for advertising purposes or for any other reason, but should you object to having your name and address stored in this way please inform our office and we will remove your entry.

Disabilities and medical conditions: To fully participate in our events you must be reasonably fit. You must be able to walk at a gentle pace over a variety of terrain for several hours (typically a morning or afternoon session), stand and sit for varying periods, navigate stile, bridges and other obstructions as normally found in the Norfolk countryside, and get into and out of cars, minibuses and small boats. Consequently, our tours may not be suitable for people with certain disabilities and medical conditions. Please ask us if in any doubt. In any case, if any client suffers from any disability or medical condition which may affect the running of the tour, they must provide us with full details when making a booking. We reserve the right to cancel a booking without refund if such details are not provided. We further reserve the right to decline any booking whenever we feel unable to accommodate the particular needs of a particular client.

Pets: We regret that pets are not accepted.

Smoking: We ask clients not to smoke in any vehicle we use, when in close company with other members of the group, or anywhere where there may be a fire risk.

Restrictions on Participation: Clients must observe any instructions given by our leaders as regards logistics, safety and conservation. Failure to do this could lead to dismissal from the group, as could any behaviour that, in the opinion of the leader, is severely detrimental to the safety, welfare and enjoyment of other members of the group. In this event we will make no refund, nor be liable to pay any compensation, and any additional travel costs involved in returning home are your own responsibility.

Complaints: In the unlikely event that you have cause for complaint you should notify the leader (or our office where appropriate) as soon as possible so that we may do our best to assist you.
























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