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A selection of stunning images is available as giclée prints (unmounted, mounted or framed) or printed onto canvas and stretched over a wooden frame to produce a more contemporary 3-D block-mount.. All images are priced individually - just click on the thumbnail images below for full details.

Giclée is a word borrowed from French and literally means 'squirted'. It refers to prints produced on an ink-jet printer. Modern high-quality inkjet printers, combined with the right ink and paper, produce superb results. They combine great colour accuracy with longevity. All giclée prints produced by Norfolk Nature are printed on an eight-colour printer, allowing a range of colours to be reproduced impossible to archive with traditional four-colour litho printing (this is especially important with wild flowers, where blues and purples usually appear dull and muddy in books and magazines). The paper used is a satin-matt stock which, combined with the pigment inks, produces prints that will last for over 200 years if hung in the right conditions. Giclée prints are not expensive to produce; indeed, it is often said that the photographic world adopted the word giclée in order to add an aura of prestige and luxury to what are merely inkjet prints. Rather their value lies in the time, effort and skill required to achieve the photographic image in the first place, and in the individual attention given to each photograph right through the workflow (from camera to computer to printer) in order to get the very best results.

Common Poppy
Maidenhair Spleenwort and Pellitory-of-the-Wall
False Oat-grass
Thrift Bluebells Southern Marsh Orchid
Wood Anemone
Common Spotted Orchids
Herb Paris
Cley Mill and reeds

























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